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Protect your valuables with valuable items coverage

Better coverage for cherished possessions

From jewelry to collectibles, you probably have more valuables than you realize. And your homeowners policy may not cover their full value. Your peace of mind is worth it.

  • Consider Valuable Items Coverage for:
  •    Jewelry and engagement rings
  •    Silverware, china and crystal
  •    Antiques
  •    Fine Art
  •    Stamp and coin collections
  •    Bicycles
  •    Trophies
  •    Sound equipment (recorders)
  •    Sports equipment (archery, camping, fishing, skiing)
  •    Wedding gifts
  •    Cameras
  •    Computers
  •    Musical instruments
  •    Golf Equipment
  •    Furs
  •    Guns
  •    Pedigreed dogs
  •    Garden tractors
  •    Political campaign collections
The Travelers Insurance Program offers two types of valuable items coverage:
  • Personal Articles Floater:
  •    Itemized coverage and peace of mind knowing your belongings are appraised and insured to value
  •    Separate protection just for valuables
  •    Policies can be purchased separately
  •    No deductible and insures against many risks
  •    Ideal for more expensive articles with values that exceed a homeowners policy
  • Valuable Items Plus:
  •    Add-on coverage to homeowners insurance for higher limits on valuables and expanded protection
  •    Collectively insures the total value of all property
  •    No deductible and insures against many risks
Either option is a worthwhile addition to any homeowners, condo or renters policy. Especially when you have something worth protecting.

A small price to pay for valuables
Protecting your valuables from loss is an affordable option for anyone with treasured belongings. Whether you just need jewelry insurance or want insurance for multiple valuables, Travelers offers plenty of options. So you can add on and choose the exact coverage you need.

Plus, Travelers gives you even more ways to save when you purchase two or more Travelers Insurance Program policies, like auto insurance, homeowners insurance and umbrella insurance.

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