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Tips & Info

Below is a collection of useful information, tips and good advice about minimizing everyday risk, saving money, and protecting your property. We've also included links to a few websites you might want to visit for additional valuable information.

  • Tools to help you prepare your teen for safe driving:
  •   Behind the Wheel Documentaries 
  • Two public television documentaries that follow newly licensed teens and their parents to see what happens when they get behind the wheel.
  •   Parent-Teen Driving Contract 
  • A guide to help you and your teen agree and commit to driving rules and the consequences of breaking them.
  •   Tips for teen drivers 
  • Tips to help teens make smart decisions while driving.
  •   Safe cars for your Teen 
  • Important tips to follow when choosing a safe car for your teen driver.
  • Cut the cost of insuring your teen driver:
  •   Keep those grades up
  •   Complete Drivers Ed
  •   Insist on more supervised driving
  •   Restrict nighttime driving
  •   Limit passengers
  •   Limit other distractions

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