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No one is immune to identity theft

Better coverage against imposters
No one is immune to identity theft. It's the fastest growing white-collar crime in America, with no end in sight. Falling victim to identity theft not only tarnishes your good name, it can ruin your credit and drain your assets. And once the damage is done, the road back to restoring what was yours can be both time-consuming and expensive. As the first insurer to offer reimbursement for identity fraud expenses, Travelers can help you repair the harm that's been done. So you can get back to being you even faster.

  •  Travelers Identity Fraud Expense Coverage can cover:
  •     Expense reimbursements up to $25,000 with no deductible for expenses incurred to restore
           your identity
  •     Resolution services to help reclaim your identity and restore credit
  •     Guidance from one of our consumer fraud specialists
With our fraud protection services, you'll have the financial assistance and professional support of our consumer fraud specialists to reclaim your identity. Travelers' identity theft expense reimbursement coverage is an invaluable addition to any homeowners insurance policy you may have.
Affordable protection you can't be without
No one should be without fraud protection. That's why the Travelers Insurance Program makes it so easy to get the coverage you need. Our identity theft services are included for Platinum Plus Homeowner policies or can be added to any Travelers' homeowners, condo or renters insurance for a low yearly fee. Considering what's at stake, it's a small price to pay for something no one can afford to be without.

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